Monday, 1 February 2010

Just the weigh you are ..........

Last weekend I assisted Paul McKenna in Birmingham on his I Can Make You Thin seminar, 1500 people mostly women all wanting to change the way they look.

So many people spend their whole life going from one diet to another. My cousin, looses weight, he goes to one of the weight loss clubs; then within a few months gains it all back again and some. Then joins (the same club) and goes through the whole program once more. He suffers, he moans (I sometimes think a man on a diet is much worse than a man with man flu), his stomach growing with hunger, and all he can think about is that he can have that four ounces of carrot juice but couldn’t get within twenty metres of a chip; and he accepts this agony as an inevitable part of losing weight.

Then you finally reached your goal – you even lost five extra pounds to give yourself some leeway. You thought you could stop your diet and eat “normally” so you do, and in a few weeks you gain all of that weight back again. This is a familiar, almost monotonous tale and it illustrates the most prevalent factor in unsuccessful weight reduction. The loss of pounds is not permanent when you reduce the food you eat without considering the reasons for the weight gain.

Most people if they manage to loose the weight on a diet will put the weight back on again, unless they completely change their relationship with food and change the way in which they eat.

Interestingly, at a time when we (in the UK) are aware of the effects of obesity and have had the benefit of education in what is best for our bodies and what diets are most suitable for many decades now, are at our most overweight. The overweight yo yo dieting, each time they fail moving on to the next diet looking for a miracle that will make them thin. Avoiding mirrors so that they can ignore the fat, hating themselves, thinking others must hate them too.

The main reason people get fat is because they ignore the signals received by their bodies, reconnecting with your body; listening to the signals it sends is the first step to achieving the perfect body for you. Working with your body.

And the not so overweight bombarded in the media with picture of models who are far too thin – many who don’t even look like that because they have been airbrushed. Looking at themselves in the mirror, hallucinating fat, hating themselves for being so unattractive. Ironic when just a few years ago the most beautiful women in the media was Marilyn Monroe, who was a size 16.

Some women who think they need to loose weight are chasing an image that they think they need to succeed in today’s culture and yet diets don’t make you beautiful, glamour is a look not a size.

Learning to love and accept yourself is the beginning to improved self confidence, better health, and a sense of well being that will lead you to a much better life and the motivation to make those changes in your life style that will give you the weight loss you are seeking.