Friday, 6 February 2015

All the time in the world

Something that has fascinated me is that when I have very little to do I never seem to get much done.  Those things I don't have time to do still don't get done.  Yet when Im really busy I can do so much.  Everything gets done and more and when I think of those things that never seem to get done I realise they're not so important anyways.

Time doesn't really exist, its a man made concept that enables us to keep track of things.  
So as time doesn’t really exist you can’t “run out” of time.  So all those thing you’ve been telling yourself you don’t have time to do………….

Think about the future, run through the things you want to do; run a few “What If” movies see yourself achieving these.  From here consider do you still want to?  Is it good for you to do?  Write your goals on paper. 

See yourself doing the activities that will create the success, then associate into the doing, see what you will see, hear what you will hear, feel what you will feel, then disassociate again, and see your yourself doing the activities that will lead to success.

Remember that success is behaviour driven.  What behaviour do you want to do more often, and more consistently, to ensure greater success.  Now just do it!


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  2. But anyway we should rely on the human conditions and allow some supernatural power to intervene into our lives! It is due to the condition that a man do not always know the best option of him! WE at act according to this principle!!!